Stay tuned for more info on this 5 month long Photo Expedition!

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2020 will see the AL-CA-NE PHOTO EXPEDITION depart from Yellowstone National Park and traverse NW Montana and Glacier National Park before leaving the USA for Canada. The Expedition will explore Waterton, Banff, and Jasper National Parks in Canada as well as much of British Columbia as it travels North to Alaska. All of Alaska will be covered before returning to Canadas Yukon Territory. The Expedition will traverse all of mainland Canada to Nova Scotia before turning South into New England in time to shoot much of the fall foliage there. We hope to follow the fall foliage change as far South as the Smoky Mountains if time and weather permit.
This Expedition is actually a repeat of a similar Photo trip taken in 1985 using film, and will now be repeated using the latest in digital photographic equipment. The subject matter will primarily be the wonderful scenic landscapes to be found throughout the scope of the journey, as well as the wide variety of wildlife to be found in these areas.
Stay tuned for updates both prior to, and during the Expedition.
Anyone interested in possible joining all or part of the Expedition is welcome to inquire via Email: