Stay tuned for more info on this 5 month long Photo Expedition!

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Winter Wind-Down

Posted by MT-images on October 12, 2018 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (267)

Pretty much done with Expedition preparations for the winter now. The trailer is completed to the point that all it needs is the propane and inverter systems completed and it will be ready for real world testing (camping) next Spring. 

Two of the promised donations from Nikon arrived in September, the new Z7 body with FTZ Adapter, and the 500mm F5.6E PF lens, and I must say this makes for an AMAZING combo! Its light, fast, and extremely sharp. The Z7 equals the D850 in image quality, but it does have a little trouble locking onto fast moving object such as birds in flight. For somewhat slower critters and landscapes it is absolutely wonderful.

I will be doing a page detailing and thanking all the sponsors sometime next summer, without their support this expedition likely would not be nearly so well equipped or prepared for the challenges forthcoming. Now I just have to make sure the weakest link gets fully prepared......ME!

This winter will give me time to complete the actual mapping of the route, there have been a LOT of side trips suggested and I will try to encompass as many of them as I possibly can without affecting the time constraints. Mother nature will undoubtedly throw a few curve balls at the scheduling so alternatives are necessary.

For now, goodbye for the winter, stay warm!

Step 1 begins!

Posted by MT-images on September 1, 2018 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (60)

September 1. The new Expedition trailer arrived today. I will have the weekend to work on it, lots to do. I need to re-arrange the rack bars before mounting the tent unit on them. Also have to get the 270 degree batwing awning mounted, and the front toolbox that will be carrying the tripods and other gear that needs to be grabbed quick. That should pretty much fill up the weekend!

Next step will be to start with the solar powered battery and inverter system and add the E-track all around the exterior of the trailer. Going to need plenty of tie-down points!

Stay tuned for more pics!

A new adventure!

Posted by MT-images on August 27, 2018 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (101)

Hello to all!

This site will be information central for all posts and pics associated with this new adventure, the 2020 AL-CA-NE Photo Expedition.

This Expedition will travel from Yellowstone Park in early June 2020, continue to Glacier Park, into Canada's Waterton, Banff, and Jasper parks. A westward turn will take us into deep British Columbia and up the coastal areas to Skagway, ferry across to Haines, into Alaska. About 6 weeks will be spent travelling and photographing Alaska before turning to Canadas Yukon and Northwest Territories. ABout 3 weeks will be spent crossing Canada to Nova Scotia. From there the expedition will turn South to Maine and the rest of New England to shoot the fall foliage. By the end of October the trip will conclude from wherever we have ended up, possible the Great Smokey Mountains.

Rugged, beautiful country, scenic vistas galore, wildlife of ALL persuasions! It will be a trip to remember!

This is a repeat of the same trip done in 1985 using film cameras, this trip will be all digital. 

Stay tuned for updates as more info is finalized!